21/09/2024 - 22/09/2024
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Here you will find an overview of the most important information, from the process to the spectators.


DEKRA Lausitzring, Schipkau

Arrival by car:

  • from the direction of Berlin (approx. 130 km) via A13
  • from the direction of Dresden (approx. 60 km) via A13

We recommend that you take the "Exit 15 Klettwitz" on the A13. Then turn left at the traffic lights on Senftenberger Straße (not straight ahead to the DEKRA Technology Center) onto the L55. After about 1,5km turn right to the official entrance of the DEKRA Lausitzring.

Here you can find the most important positions for the journey in a Google map.

Click here for the site plan as PDF

You need a parking ticket to park on the event area. Please download it in advance and fill out your license plate: Download parking ticket

You can register yourself or your team here.

Please note that you have to book an accommodation option in addition to your starting place. You can choose between your own tent, your own camper or a box in the pit lane.

In your confirmation email you will receive an individual link with your master data, which you can change yourself via the link. Also the names of team members can be changed this way. If you want to make general changes (e.g. change a team of 2 to a team of 4 etc.) then please write us a mail to

maximalPULS GmbH
Forststraße 9, 04229 Leipzig

For participant questions, you can contact us by email.

On site you will find us in box 38, this is also the registration office.

The event area is barrier-free accessible.

  • exclusive race track
  • individual timing with transponder system (active transponders, have to be handed in after the race)
  • personalisierte Startnummer (bei Anmeldung bis 11.09.2024)
  • free toilets and showers
  • medical assistance
  • high quality finisher medal
  • Certificate of participation to print on the spot
  • Results service
  • Basic catering with drinks, fruit, bars, gels, cakes
  • Post-meal

Does your company attach great importance to joint sports and company health management? The best conditions to be at the start with your team. You can register in the classic way via the normal registration or you can book one of our company packages. If you wish, we can offer you all services from one source, including training and preparation for the competition(s) with experienced personal trainers and professional athletes from our network.

The further advantage for your company, in addition to the starting places, you will receive your own company tent and an advertising integration on site if desired. If desired, you will receive a full catering with food and drinks in your company lounge. Contact us and get your individual offer.

You can register your team online or by e-mail.

Each participant will be honored with a high-quality finisher medal.

When participating in VELOFONDO24h, riding with lights is mandatory. The obligation starts 15min. before sunset and ends 15.min. after sunrise. Here is both a light on the handlebars forward and a rear light on the seatpost or similar to attach. Please note when mounting your race number on the seat post that the light may also be mounted here later.


Sonnenuntergang: 21.09.2024 um 19:09 Uhr – Licht ab 18:54 Uhr Pflicht

Sonnenaufgang: 22.09.2024 um 06:56 Uhr – Licht bis 07:06 Uhr Pflicht

Should it be necessary to make adjustments here due to weather conditions, you will receive the information from our moderators on site.

Basic and emergency medical care is ready for you. The medical care tents are marked accordingly.

Here you will receive your starting documents and all other important information about the event. The registration office is located directly in the pit area at the finish line.

Opening hours:

21. September 2023 18:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

22. September 2023 07:00 Uhr bis 11:00 Uhr

Please bring your start passport (see registration confirmation by mail) and ID card to pick up your race documents. For teams it is sufficient if one team member picks up the ID and the starting documents for the whole team.

You will find the registration office in box 38, the complete site plan here as PDF for download.

There will be sufficient trash cans on the event site. Please use them to dispose of your waste, this also applies to the time of departure. Please leave the areas on the tent site, camper site and in the boxes clean and in the best condition as you found them on your arrival.

During the race VELOFONDO24h it is not allowed to dispose of any trash, such as drinking bottles, bar wrappers, gels, banana peels, etc., on the course. If this does happen and is noticed or reported and it turns out to be true, the participant or team will be deducted a penalty lap. At the VELOFONDO68k such an offense will be checked in the same way and in case of violation of the rules it will be regulated with a time penalty of one minute.

Sonnenuntergang: 21.09.2024 um 19:19 Uhr – Licht ab 18:54 Uhr Pflicht

Sonnenaufgang: 22.09.2024 um 06:40 Uhr – Licht bis 07:06 Uhr Pflicht

The starting line-up is for:

VELOFONDO68k 08:45

VELOFONDO24h 11:45 am


During the opening hours of the registration office you will receive your starting documents there. To pick up your documents, please bring your start passport in printed or digital form. The starting documents can also be picked up by your team members. Against a power of attorney also another person can take the starting documents for friends. You will receive your start number with a disposable transponder. The transponder does not have to be returned after the race. You will find the registration office in box 38.

Site plan

  • 09:00 VELOFONDO68k
  • 12:00 VELOFONDO24h

You can find the list of participants here on our site. The start list is constantly updated.

To the start list

Wenn Ihr bei Eurem Namen oder Team etwas ändern möchtet, so könnt ihr dies selbst über den persönlichen Link in Eurer Bestätigungsmail machen.

There will be enough toilets available for you on the event area. In the pit area you will find fixed toilets and showers inside as well as outside to the side of the camper site. A sanitary building is also open near the tent site.

Showers and toilets are marked accordingly.

Please leave the toilets and showers as you would like to find them, we appeal to your own understanding of hygiene.

At site plan you will find the toilets and showers.

For the participation in the VELOFONDO24h there are three possibilities to stay overnight. You can choose between tent, camper and box in the pit lane.

Notes overnight tent:

On the campground there is free choice of place, the campground is about 350m away from the pit lane. If the option "tent" is booked, so in any case your own tent and equipment must be brought.

Notes overnight camper:

On the area for motorhomes there is free choice of place, the area is about 200m away from the pit lane. If the option "motorhome" is booked, it is in any case to arrive with your own motorhome. Electricity distributors will be provided to a limited extent and can be used. If you would like to join other teams, you are welcome to do so independently.

Notes overnight box in pit lane:

When you pick up your starting documents at the registration office, you will also be assigned to the respective box. We try to consider team wishes or individual requests. The boxes are equipped with a beer tent set, 4-8 participants will be accommodated per box. Please note that you have to bring your own sleeping facilities (air mattress, camp bed, sleeping bag, etc.) and set up on site. Each box unit (6 boxes) has its own toilets and showers as well as electricity.

The transfer of the starting place to the following year is only possible once until 7 days before the event. The transfer for health reasons is also possible at short notice, but only with presentation of a medical certificate. In addition, a handling fee of 10 euros will be charged.

The transfer of the starting place to a substitute starter costs 10 Euro handling fee.

Changes and late registrations are still possible on the day of the event in the registration office. The re-registration fee is 10 Euro. Please note the opening hours of the registration office.

On site only cash payment is possible

Each participant will receive a certificate. The collection is possible after the end of the race in the registration office.

During the VELOFONDO24h we offer you a free basic catering in the riders lounge (area around Box38). This includes for the participants of the VELOFONDO24h and their officially registered attendants:

  • Water, cola, spritzer, iso (HIGH5)
  • Bananas, apples
  • Gels, bars (HIGH5)
  • Salty cookies, nuts, cookies
  • Cake

For the participants of the VELOFONDO68k there is the possibility of a post-race supply, also in the riders' lounge area.

IMPORTANT: There is also a classic catering offer for all participants, attendants and spectators during the core hours. As a special there is here among other things on a self-pay basis:

  • 21.09.2024 von 16:00 – 19:00 Uhr Pastabuffet für 7,50 Euro
  • 22.09.2024 von 07:30 – 10:30 Uhr Frühstücksbuffet für 12,50 Euro
  • 22.09.2024 von 11:30 – 14:00 Uhr Pastabuffet für 7,50 Euro

If you have individual food and beverage requests, please include them in your self-care.

The change of teams has to take place exclusively in the pit lane. The drinking bottle with the timing chip must be passed on. If the drinking bottle is forgotten to be passed on, the laps that are driven without drinking bottle with timing chip will not be counted. Please pay attention to a reasonable speed in the pit lane (max. 15km/h) in order not to endanger yourself and others. The conditions are the same for all teams.

Participation is possible with road bikes, gravel bikes, touring bikes and triathlon bikes (as long as the handlebar attachment does not overhang the brake levers). Participation with e-bikes is only possible outside the classification. Participation with recumbent bikes is not allowed.

Professional timekeeping with transponder system (active transponder).

IMPORTANT: At the VELOFONDO68K and at the single starters of the VELOFONDO the transponder has to be fixed on the left side of the fork with cable ties. For the 2-person teams, 4-person teams and 8-person teams, the transponder is in a drinking bottle, which is then passed on during the change.

Each participant will also receive with his transponder a sticker kit with a sticker for the seat post and 3 stickers for the helmet (left, right, front), all with his personal start number. It is essential to apply the stickers before the race. There will not be a start number for the jersey.

Spectators can watch the competitions on site free of charge on both days of the event. The paddock in the pit lane and the start/finish area can be reached easily. Spectators are kindly requested to use the official parking lot on the premises, which is also signposted.

Entering the competition track is expressly prohibited. In the pit lane, the highest attention is required when crossing. Only if there are no riders in the immediate vicinity in the pit lane, the area may be crossed. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Participant magazine ZIELGERADE No.3

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